About Us


Gauteng base company stand to Investigate and expose unfairness, fraud and corruption, the operations is based in Gauteng province and the office's are situated within the City of Johannesburg municipality.


The Givers aid Investigators (Reg 2017/504322/08) started its oprations in May 2013 as a nonprofit company and it was amended its entity as a profit company with the Department of trade and industry in 2017, after realising that in South Africa there continues to be most problems faced by mostly the poor, and uniformed citizens. These are cases like delayed of forfeited benefits or rewards which the intended beneficiaries have lost track with or are unaware of. Through the research conducted prior to the registration of the company, it was found that most victims of such malpractices are people who happened to know about their possible benefits, but had opted to give-up trying further because of handle's imposed before them.

Our Vision

We therefore visioned to standup and be counted in reaching out to assist those of us who need our service and to make sure our country became a safer with a Government that attract the Investors to grow economy.

Our Mission

Our mission is not to fight against our Government but is to Investigate and expose fraud and corruption that has been conducted by individual officials within Government institutions, state owned companies and private sectors.